Leather Mask in the style of Comedia Del Arte

Facial mold was created to ensure a good fit.
Full sized mask matrix sculpted over the facial mold.
Matrix placed over a custom cut nail-able base and infilled with oil clay.
Leather was heated and pounded into shape using traditional Comedia Del Arte tools and techniques.
Mask removed from matrix.
Edges wired to maintain shape.
Dye samples

3D Printed Mask Scaled From Maquette

Masks using traditional and modern techniques. The 3D printed mask (orange) is a scaled up version of the its maquette.
A second maquette was created for scanning
Painted Maquette ready for scanning

Designed and Created by Athene Wright

These two masks were made as part of a set exploring traditional and modern mask making techniques. The 3D printed mask was created by scaling up and altering the maquette. This technique would be highly useful for creating a mask matrix directly from the designer’s maquette and eliminating the need for labor intensive matrix building.

Design and Construction by Athene Wright

Course: Masks and Armor

Instructor: Rachel Pollack

Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill