Lord Aster / Black Stache Trick Coat

Actor: Ray Dooley (left)
Actor: Mitchell Jarvis

Coat constructed by Athene Wright.

Holly Poe Durbin designed this costume for Playmaker’s Repertory Theater’s 2016 production of Rick Elice’s musical Peter and the Star Catchers directed by Brendon Fox. This costume was draped by Kathrine Keener.

In the play the coat is first worn by Lord Aster and is stolen by Black Stache who reverses it to its red lining and wears it as a part of his captain’s regalia. To accomplish this the coat was made to be reversible and able to fit both actors tolerably well. During the intermission, this coat is exchanged for another gaudier version to be worn by Black Stache alone.

The coat is made of black polyester woven with a silver metallic stripe and a rayon lining with taffeta cuffs. The coat does not button when inside out.

Role: Lord Aster/ Black Stache

Actors: Ray Dooley, and Mitchell Jarvis

For: Playmaker’s Repertory Theater

Date: Fall 2016