3D Printed Hat Block

The original block was dated to the 1940's. This block is a copy made with two part foam from a plaster cast.
Block painted matte black to facilitate scanning. The paint was afterward removed without damage to the block
Printed block.
Underside of the block. White smudge is remaining support material.
Base marked on solid wood pieces.
Base cut and ready to be glued.
The base is designed to fit into the declivity at the bottom of the block for added security.
Base set into block. The base provides a pinnable rope line.
Hot steam blocking with felt hat body.

Design and construction by Athene Wright.

This project was intended to explore the possibility of preserving and replicating vintage and antique hat blocks. The applications of this process extends beyond just replication. Having a digital copy of a block will allow damaged blocks to be repaired and reproduced. In addition the digital file can be resized so that these blocks can be made in any size and to any specification.

File for hat block available free HERE

Course: Millinery

Instructor: Rachel Pollack

Institution: University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill

For more information about the process of creating this block visit my blog page 3D Printed Hat Block Revisited.