White Family Rotary Restoration

Last year around this time I was at a thrift store looking for some furniture when I saw a table with a treadle.

Being kind of a nerd for old things I decided to investigate and found that it was not just a table with a treadle but a complete White sewing machine from circa 1912.

The machine itself was clearly well used and quite dirty but otherwise in good shape. As a bonus in one of the drawers of the table, I found a set of six bobbins, a suite of feet in the original box, and a set of dilapidated but original instructions. For a mere 25$ I had to have it. I didn’t know if it would run but that was a chance I was happy to take for such a neat old machine.

Recently I finally got around to making inquiries about restoring this machine to functionality. I am really excited to get my machine up and sewing again. In the mean time I am planning to hit the internet to get a little more information about this lovely old lady.